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Oct. 7th, 2008


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So, the Pai Sho game with Suki was fun. The bet made it more interesting. And even though I wanted to win, her end of the bet is much less boring than mine would be.

Zuko finally told everyone about Iroh's invitation. Getting away from the Palace will be a nice change. I'm just glad we're not going back to Omashu. That place does not equal vacation to me. Though shopping for knives in the Earth Kingdom will be...different. *rolls eyes in amusement* But Suki will probably be able to find those green knives she wants so badly.
It's too late now to start packing. I'll start thinking about packing. Since the last really important meeting is in a couple days and there's only minor meetings for a while (and if they can't deal without Zuko or Aang for those then too damn bad), so I'm assuming we'd be leaving soon. Which is fine by me, I don't care, as long we go soon.

On a side note, Zuko's been acting a little...off recently. It might just be because of all the meetings lately, and he's been so tired, but I don't think so. But he knows he can talk to me, about anything. And I know that if it's important, he'll tell me, when he's ready. (Though if this goes on for another couple days I will say something, just in case)

Sep. 22nd, 2008

Boiling Rock

oh politics

Against my better judgement I once again found myself watching everyone at the meeting today. I somehow managed to pick up some skills in reading people and being able to follow political maneuvers from being around by my parents. They didn't always care about where I was during all of their discussions and meetings with their friends at our house. Especially when my mother was too busy to be hostess and wanted me to. So I listened. And watched.
ugh. enough of that.

Anyway. I don't know as Zuko has much inclination to pay attention to the details, he's still too busy simply trying to get everyone to accept him as Fire Lord. So I figure I'll pick up the small stuff. It'll give me something to do during the otherwise boring meetings. Well, they're boring because there's so much arguing over everything. Not because I think rebuilding the world is boring. A lot of the younger captains and politicians are...resisting the end of the war. Which is understandable, seeing as their careers are a result of it. Not that it makes them any less aggravating. But knowing their motives is useful. Many of the veterans are more open to the end of the war. Iroh apparently has several... maybe not friends but at least allies or sympathizers who managed to survive Ozai's insanity. Because they're still here they're also familiar with the political mudheap that I'm sure this nation has become. *sigh* I told myself that when I escaped my parents I'd never have to listen to politics again. But maybe it won't be so bad now.

And I know Zuko likes it when I come to the meetings. He's often busy trying to keep the arguing and yelling down and not lose his temper himself, and I know he appreciates a familiar face. Sometimes I have to stop and just watch him. When the meeting is going smoothly, he can be very... I'm not sure if inspiring is the right word. But, he's the leader of a nation, and as young and inexperienced as he is,... he can do it. I can tell. It's those moments when I'm so proud of him. I love him so much.

They actually made some progress in today's meeting. It was good. Zuko was actually smiling when we walked out of the council room. I took his hand, just a small gesture, not very noticable. He seemed content to slowly wander towards our rooms. We ate dinner in one of the small courtyards in that wing of the palace, just the two of us.
Another meeting tomorrow, but who cares. Today was a good day.
Oh yeah, I think tomorrow's meeting isn't just Fire Nation business. Maybe Katara will come with Aang to this one.

EDIT: I've changed this post to being viewable to the gaang. During the meeting chat it was decided that Mai needs to give Aang and Katara some advice on politics and etiquette and such, and I started talking about that here (some political intricacies anyway), so rather than start a whole new post about it and repeat some of what I've said here, I figured we can just start with what I said in the 2nd paragraph. So, the rest of you are welcome to comment, but the main discussion in the comments is going to be between me and Zuko, Aang, and Katara.

Sep. 19th, 2008


so, here goes

*sigh* Sokka, I said I'd write in my journal, but I will grumble about it.

So Aang and Katara finally got together. Finally. Seriously...
I guess me and Zuko are just going to have to accept that we'll never quite understand them.
And Katara's teaching Suki how to cook. Ha, good luck feeding Sokka. I've barely been hanging out with everyone, and even I know that that boy eats A LOT.
It kinda made me realize that my own cooking skills are rather mediocre. I mean, I can get by, but I never really wanted to cook much. And I never really needed to. Which sounds awful, I know, but it's the truth.
I find it kind of amusing that I'm included in Katara's relationship advice circle. I don't mind at all and I'm glad to help. It just throws me off a bit sometimes to see how fast they seem to be accepting me. I'd totally understand and wouldn't be the least bit offended (unless it started getting out of hand) if there was still some awkwardness or hostility or hesitation or something. I hope they know that if there's anything we still need to work out they can just tell me.

Anyway, THAT got depressing fast.

Oh, frosting and fruit tarts. That conversation was particularly funny. Oh Aang, you're so innocent. (which isn't a bad thing) Hm, maybe Suki and I will become good friends. We certainly have a few interesting things to talk about.
I wonder if she plays Pai Sho.
evil grin

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